Julia Gillard Dog Chew Toy

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Julia Gillard Dog Chew Toy Empty Julia Gillard Dog Chew Toy

Post by Neferti on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:59 pm


IF I had a dog, I would buy one (or two).

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Julia Gillard Dog Chew Toy Empty Re: Julia Gillard Dog Chew Toy

Post by Outlaw Yogi on Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:20 am

My white pup Fang would chew it up and my red & brindle pup Rip would tear it to bits.
Dick Smith electronics sold me a bouncy rubber ball for $2 years ago.
Fred never took much interest in it, so it's just layed around camp.
Rip started playing with it and dropped it at my feet, so I threw it so it bounces and now I have a pup that chases a ball. I suspect he'll probably chase anything.

Fang's slightly bigger and stronger, but Rip has more aggression.
Fang's been standing over Rip for his food, despite Rip's defensive growls.

They've had numerous quick skirmishes, but yesterday thay had their first fight till out of puff. Lasted nearly 20 minutes. Fred tried to play mediator but I told him to stay out of it and let them work it out between themselves.

Fang acts like he thinks he's the victor, but I saw Rip flip him on his back several times and Fang had the bleeding ear.

I'm currently building kennels from flitches (the 2 outside offcut pieces when a log is cut into planks - 1 flat side, 1 round side - and generally burnt/discarded) and intend getting weld mesh fencing panels from a scrap yard to pen them.
Now it looks like I might have to partition the pen.
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